“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 



Maya Angelou’s famous quote resurfaced for me this week as our team finalizes the remaining details and begins packing in preparation for our upcoming forum in Savannah, Georgia.

In business, we want to do business with people we know and like. The marketplace is flooded with business technology products and services, and the noise they generate trying to stand out from the competition is deafening. It’s no wonder CIOs in the midmarket feel overwhelmed when trying to implement a new technology and ensure IT is serving the needs of its users.

When Sales, HR, Finance and Operations are all tapping IT organizations on the shoulder to drive digital innovation and keep them ahead of their competitors, CIOs often struggle to justify the time away from the office to attend the Midmarket CIO Forum. I’m continuously amazed how many harried executives arrive at registration to our Forum with what looks like the weight of the world on their shoulders. Even after two and a half days of intense networking and deep dive discussions, they almost always depart for the office on Wednesday morning refreshed because they are armed with an arsenal of knowledge and new contacts to help them adeptly solve their company’s business challenges.

Mike Harris, CIO at Clark Public Utilities outside Portland, Oregon, said it succinctly some years ago when he told a colleague that he always checks in with all the vendors at Midmarket CIO Forum whether or not he has a need for their solution in his current budget cycle or not. Why? Because when the need arises, he can immediately connect with a group of known contacts versus starting from ground zero.

I’m absolutely beyond stoked to meet with the new vendors contributing to Midmarket CIO Forum for the first time and welcoming them into the Boardroom Events community!