During a staff meeting this week, my colleague shared Elon Musk’s predictions about artificial intelligence posing an “existential threat” to human civilization mere moments from another colleague receiving a phone call from local police about her elderly parent.

How are the two related?

Today’s scammer tactics are absolutely mind-boggling. In short, our colleague’s mother received a voicemail requesting bar code numbers from Best Buy gift cards to help bail her daughter out of jail. Of course, this sounds ludicrous to the average tech user and consumer, but to an 80-something elderly woman, a call from a distressed woman detailing a completely plausible situation was compelling enough to prompt her into action.

The same level of social engineering used in attempted C-suite phishing attacks to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from midmarket companies was used to try and swindle a few thousand from an elderly mother.

I get annoyed every time my iPhone doesn’t immediately recognize my thumb print and I have to punch in a six digit code to open my phone. Now Samsung’s Galaxy S8 phone offers eye-scanning and facial recognition capabilities.

While that level of machine learning offers exciting opportunities for global retailers, it’s certainly a double-edged sword in our personal lives.

Technological innovation on the consumer side has accelerated our expectation for service delivery in business. IT is sought to lead innovation by employing the latest technology to help companies edge out their competition. AI, machine learning and IoT are on deck to be the next disruptors in the midmarket space.

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