As the head of IT, do you find your team continues to lose influence over what technology the business adopts?

Perhaps the challenge lies it IT’s difficulty in addressing the adoption of the last set of mega-trends known as the “SMAC-stack” – Social, Mobile, Analytics, and the Cloud.

Without a keen awareness of how trends impact the business, and how the business can exploit a trend, the IT department will always be relegated to back-office maintenance work.

The problem is that the next, latest and greatest technology is always on the horizon. But just as one seems like it’s about to rise, it fizzles, and another “hot” trend emerges.

Sound familiar?

CIOs need a framework to develop concrete insight into what the future is likely to bring, and how it might impact how they operate IT and how their organization does business.

Trend reports can provide an academic outlook as to what is happening in the technology landscape, but not much else.

Become a center of foresight and innovation for the organization, observing technology trends at their onset and help shape business strategy.

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