Impartial software advisory firm Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is proud to announce the publication of its latest enterprise software Buyer’s Guide: the 2017 Cloud ERP Software Buyer’s Guide for Wholesalers and Distributors. This guide will provide you with an in-depth look at the technologies and trends that are shaping the current enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market, for wholesalers and distributors in particular.

TEC’s senior ERP analyst Ted Rohm provides wholesalers and distributors the indispensable information they need to understand cloud ERP technology. The cloud is one of several disruptive technologies—along with social media, mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and analytics, self-driving trucks and drones, and the like—that have been or will be exerting significant impacts on companies involved in wholesaling and distribution.

But among all these disruptive technologies, none is more prominent in its impact than the cloud. Dominant ERP vendors including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and Infor have been making the shift to the cloud for the past several years.

This guide focuses on cloud computing, explaining the different types of clouds and the many layers to cloud-based software, from the infrastructure and platforms to the software itself. It also discusses the challenges faced by businesses adopting cloud ERP and the benefits they can expect from such a solution.

In addition, the guide covers issues such as cost of ownership, ease of implementation, and elasticity. It explains software-as-as-service (SaaS) licensing and service level agreements and provides purchasing tips.

As an effective ERP system is a key component of digital transformation, this guide will help you develop an understanding of the core functionality required by wholesalers and distributors, including supply chain management, retail and e-commerce, and distribution process management, as well as the “soft factors” to take into account during a software selection project.

Finally, you will find product comparison charts, success stories, a directory of software vendors, and a list of useful resources from TEC.

The entire Buyer’s Guide is available free of charge.

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