Smart homes, driverless cars, virtual assistants…artificial intelligence, like it or not, is rapidly moving to the forefront of IT organizations under pressure to drive digital transformation.

Nearly 20 percent of respondents to a recent Boardroom Events community survey report they’re already utilizing AI within their organizations with the top three uses including decision management, report generation and text analytics.

Interestingly, more than 36 percent of respondents plan to employ AI in the next 1-3 years. Decision management ranked third on the top three lists of desired uses behind process automation and customer service.

AI is currently in place for decision management and report generation, while executives who’ve not yet employed AI hope to do so for process automation and customer service.

What does that mean in the midmarket?

Before companies are able to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence, they must first build a solid foundation of real intelligence.

Next month, industry leaders will discuss what’s really on the horizon for AI in the midmarket. I hope you can join the virtual roundtable discussion, Beyond the Hype: Planning for AI.

Our recent survey also revealed that while nearly 48 percent of respondents reported they’re not currently using AI because there’s not been a clearly defined value for their particular business, we know from our regular conversations with leading CIOs, there’s also significant hesitation to deploy AI because of possible security gaps around the relatively new technology.

With less than 80 days until Midmarket CIO Forum kicks off in Austin this October, we’ve welcomed some exciting new security providers among our growing list of forum partners.

The executives in the Boardroom Events community repeatedly tell us how they’re bombarded with unsolicited outreach from prospective vendors angling for their business. But there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to have the in-depth discussions required to understand the new challenges and offerings in the market AND keep up with the demands of leading a midmarket IT organization. That’s why they prioritize annual attendance at Midmarket CIO Forum.