Creating a Culture of Inclusion

Team Diversity and Women in IT Leadership

In these collaborative virtual roundtable calls, we bring women technology leaders and those who are allies, supporters, and change-makers together to discuss how to create a culture of inclusion in their organizations.

This call will focus on what are the barriers preventing women from advancing to IT leadership roles? From entry-level to mid-level to C-suite, what challenges in the workplace and beyond makes it more challenging for women to advance themselves and their ideas?

These calls are designed to open minds to the benefits of a diverse workplace and the real challenges IT leaders face building an inclusive environment.

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Session 3 – DECEMBER 11 | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

This discussion will cover topics including:

  • Women in Leadership
  • Creating a Culture of Inclusion
  • How to Measure Inclusion and Gain Insight
  • Inclusion of Ideas
  • Cultural Differences in High-Performing Global Teams
  • Diversity of Ideas Without Fear
  • Power of Belonging
  • Fair Share: Division of Tasks
  • Inspiring Action
  • Finding Your Voice

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Executive Moderator

Mary Patry

Mary Patry

IT Executive Coach and Advisor, ITeffectivity

After 40 years of IT executive leadership and consulting experience, I attempted to retire from corporate in 2013 and quickly realized I wanted to give back. With that, ITeffectivity was born, and I found my true passion – helping IT leaders’ triumph personally and professionally using a coaching advisory relationship model.

Since then, I’ve helped over 80 IT Executives from Fortune 100 companies to tiny startups utilizing my executive leadership and management consulting experience along with executive coaching training. My unique background provides a context for understanding the key issues IT executives face every day.


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