Women in IT Digital Book Club

Join us for our inaugural meeting!

“Call me Ishmael.”
Okay, this is NOT that kind of book club!

Our Women in IT series continues with a gathering of inquiring readers and inspiring leaders discussing what business books you are reading (IT related or not) and share what you have taken and applied to your role.

The book club is designed to help the female IT leader learn strategies for success in business while connecting with other ambitious women. This group is both social and professional.

Kickoff Session

Thursday MARCH 19

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

At our last MIDMRKT CIO Forum, our moderator, Mary Patry, recommended How Women Rise and the Orange Line. Heather Herringer, VP of IT for Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc, was there and read them cover to cover when she got home. She will join us to share what she took away from them and how she has applied it to her leadership style.

Come with your own suggestions or come to learn! Come ready to deliberate, challenge, explore, inspire, and share your experiences!

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Executive Moderator

Mary Patry

Mary Patry

IT Executive Coach and Advisor, ITeffectivity

After 40 years of IT executive leadership and consulting experience, I attempted to retire from corporate in 2013 and quickly realized I wanted to give back. With that, ITeffectivity was born, and I found my true passion – helping IT leaders’ triumph personally and professionally using a coaching advisory relationship model.

Since then, I’ve helped over 80 IT Executives from Fortune 100 companies to tiny startups utilizing my executive leadership and management consulting experience along with executive coaching training. My unique background provides a context for understanding the key issues IT executives face every day.


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