The IT value proposition is changing. No longer simply a tool for automating back-off and repetitive processes, CIOs have the opportunity to apply IT to optimize top-line revenue opportunities. By focusing IT strategies on sales, marketing, and customer service, CIOs will improve value contribution of the IT function and raise their individual profiles as business executives.

This research is designed for CIOs who want to:

  • Enable fulfillment of the revenue mandate.

  • Maintain their relevancy with the business.

  • Spearhead a digital transformation of the revenue generating capabilities.

  • Ensure that their IT operating model is ready to support social, mobile, and analytics.

  • Keep their job.

This research will help you:

  • Effectively engage your business stakeholders.

  • Create a digital revenue generation strategy focused on marketing, sales, and customer service.

  • Perform an IT readiness check and create an IT capability improvement plan to support the use of social, mobile, and analytics.

  • Communicate IT’s contribution to revenue generation.

  • Stay employed.