The Unique Challenges of Managing IT Support in the Midmarket

Mark Scott is CEO & Founder of CareWorx

I sometimes refer to the midmarket as the ‘middle child’ of organizations. As a mid-sized company, you are firmly situated between the SMB of yesterday and the not quite enterprise of tomorrow.

You’ve grown – perhaps organically or through mergers and acquisitions – and although the company’s needs and priorities have shifted, you’ve not yet been able to scale to meet them.

You occasionally long for the simplicity of being the youngest child – the small business you used to be – yet, the potential and accomplishments of your older, ‘enterprise’ siblings drives you continue toward growth.

So what’s a middle child to do? You have unique and growing needs – IT being a particular issue that causes recurring challenges. We see it often:

  • You are typically understaffed and over-tasked
  • IT is primarily focused on routinely putting out urgent fires and handling routine support requests
  • IT can’t focus on the strategic technology needs of your growing company (because they get dragged into firefighting and routine tasks)
  • Your budget (or headcount) has not yet scaled to meet the current level of demand
  • You need to provide extended IT Support hours (beyond 9-5) but aren’t sure how to manage that with a team already stretched thin
  • IT turnover – employee burnout or dissatisfaction is a very real challenge

Sound familiar? Trust me, you aren’t alone.

As your organization grows, so do IT support requests. Ensuring your end users (either employees, customers or both!) are productive and happy drives the company’s overall success. If your bare bones team can’t meet end-user needs, efficiency, productivity and sales suffer.

Being understaffed also means you may lack the right processes and tools to permanently extinguish those routine fires. Enterprise-level tools can help, but they require both staff to manage them and significant budgets to implement.

There’s good news. To meet the demands of IT and ease their burden, there are solutions for midmarket companies to consider.

If you lack headcount, consider shifting some of the day-to-day IT functions to an operations expense by outsourcing some of the more common IT helpdesk requests. Relieve your team (especially senior staff) of routine password resets, email issues and how-to questions about off-the-shelf software. That’s not an efficient use of limited resources, and it’s a recipe for staff turnover.

By shifting your front line helpdesk to an organization specializing in that type of support, you can free up internal IT – allowing the team to focus on more complex projects that support the business and contribute to greater efficiency and profitability.

A solution like this could also enable you to provide after-hours support – expanding services, increasing end-user satisfaction, while not taxing your team unnecessarily.

As the ‘middle child’, your challenges are unique. But there are scaled options to fill in the gaps, deal with common IT growing pains, and enable you to afford the toys that bigger enterprises enjoy.

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