A common challenge among sponsors of any event is closing deals. At the MIDMRKT CIO Forum, building lasting relationships and securing a solid pipeline are guaranteed, if a vendor is focused, confident and engaging.

Soaring Eagle is one of the CIO Forum’s most successful sponsors, so I sat down with Sales Executive, Devon Garbus to learn more about their experience and success at the event.

How would you describe your overall experience at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum?

Excellent! One of the best run conferences we’ve been to, and definitely well worth the investment. Everyone at the event was friendly, and potential clients had great questions and understood the basics of what vendors were offering.

What do you think makes Soaring Eagle successful at the CIO Forum?

Our sales team utilized the online portal extensively to make connections with dozens of CIOs before we even set foot at the conference.

What advice would you give a new incoming sponsor?

Drink the cool-aid! Use the portal, follow the ‘best practices’ the MIDMRT Suite team provides you with, and make sure you are trying to add value and not hard sell. Talk about solutions.

Describe your greatest success at the CIO Forum.

We met a prospect at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum who was in need of application stabilization and database health. Utilizing the time onsite with this prospect, Soaring Eagle was able to identify the exact needs of the potential client, which lead to an immediate and lasting relationship.

Identified issue: Applications were eventually slowing down to a point where performance was unacceptable and unproductive to operations.
Resolution: Soaring Eagle ran health checks on all DB’s that were assigned to them and very quickly identified the issues that were resolved very quickly.

Ongoing support: All Databases are monitored 24 x 7, and Soaring Eagle proactively either fixes the problem or sends suggestions on fixes that take longer time frames. Now, as a managed services customer, a third-party tool as well as Soaring Eagle’s FLIGHT software work together to proactively analyze and automate much of the necessary maintenance and create recommendations for indexing, capacity planning, and prevention of application slowness.

As a solution provider, if you’re interested in lasting relationships and solid opportunities, join us at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum on October 27-29, 2019 in Tucson, AZ!

Contact Melissa Park at mpark@midmrkt.com or Dawn Shultz at dshultz@midmrkt.com to learn how you can be as successful as Soaring Eagle!