Mark Scott is CEO of CareWorx

ITSM Envy and the Midmarket

In February’s BE Informed Newsletter, I discussed how we frequently refer to midmarket organizations as the middle child of companies. You are in a class by yourself with distinctive concerns and needs – sandwiched between the world of SMBs and the enterprise players.

As the middle child, midmarket companies have some unique challenges, not the least of which involve providing timely IT services to your organization. One of the biggest issues? You’ve grown (or are growing) to a point where you have enterprise-scale needs, but you don’t have enterprise-level staffing or budgets.

Where IT Service Management (ITSM) is concerned, the challenges mount quickly. In order to satisfy your growing organization, your Service Desk must implement effective processes, provide end-users with the level of service that meets their needs (prompt response times, after-hours support etc.) and begin monitoring common issues so your team can stop putting out fires and be proactive about preventing problems.

This is where the envy normally starts.

The green monster creeps in as you look longingly at the resources, tools and ITSM platforms used by the larger companies who can afford them. Leading ITSM platform ServiceNow® is a perfect example. It’s a very powerful way to implement ITSM, but comes with a hefty price tag, minimum six-month implementation cycle and ongoing maintenance that necessitates one or two specialist IT staff members to administer it.

What is a midmarket company to do?

We have observed a lot of settling by midmarket IT departments. They’re choosing systems that almost fit the bill, but not quite; tools that work right now, but aren’t scalable as your organization grows; or most commonly, continuing with the inadequate status quo.

However, as we indicated last month, there are ITSM options for midmarket companies – solutions that can give you enterprise-grade functionality, without the Fortune 500 price tag, extensive implementation time or complex ongoing maintenance demanding new headcount.

No need to be green with envy. When it comes to the power of ITSM – you can have it all.

CareWorx is a top-100 global Managed Services Provider that specializes in IT Service Management solutions like outsourced Service Desk and affordable SaaS-based ServiceNow®. Look for us at booth 301 at Midmarket CIO Forum in April!