All too often, an overburdened IT organization creates a laundry list of IT to-do projects and calls it an IT strategy. Sometimes they are requests from the business; other times they are projects that simply need to get done.

Challenge:  IT strategies are often nonexistent or ineffective: 84% of IT departments surveyed claim their IT strategies are less than adequate.

An effective IT strategy begins with a keen understanding of business goals and is completed by clearly illustrating how IT supports those business goals.

Challenge: IT does not do a good job of communicating their support for business goals: 47% of business leaders feel that their goals are unsupported by IT.

Use a visually driven approach to IT strategy development to ensure business stakeholders understand and appreciate the value of your efforts.

  • Use Info-Tech’s IT Implications Checklist to discern IT implications from the business context.
  • Clearly communicate to business executives how IT will support the organization’s key objectives and initiatives using the Executive Presentation Template.
  • Use Info-Tech’s L-M-H Initiative Prioritization Tool to help make project decisions in a holistic manner that allows for the selection of the most valuable initiatives to become part of the IT strategic roadmap.
  • Demonstrate to business executives and the IT organization how the IT strategy was created using Info-Tech’s IT Strategy Template.