It takes a very strong and courageous IT leader to admit you need help, and while consultants abound, finding the right person to help formulate a realistically executable plan can be a game changer for midmarket companies.

David Widener at Midmarket CIO Forum presented by Boardroom EventsDave Widener, Dir. of IT at Dead River Company in Portland, Maine, first met Peter Moore of Wild Oak Enterprises late last year in Austin at Midmarket CIO Forum and enlisted him to help guide some much-needed IT transformation and strategic planning.

“Although not an ‘IT guy’ he really knows how to engage with people, technical and otherwise,” Widener explained. “He is very strategic, but also very realistic. He is truly unique and the work he’s done with other firms tells a great story in that the value received is tangible.”

A business strategist and technical advisor, Moore sources the leadership expertise of his brother, Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm, The Gorilla Game and Inside the Tornado.

Widener first engaged with Peter to help guide a basic strategic shift, to help his team determine “that true North everyone’s looking for” and keep Dead River competitive in the energy provider marketplace. Consultants frequently showcase tools like Moore’s 4 Zones Model, but Widener said this was the first time he’d seen clear examples that he could easily translate to his executive team.

“Run, Go, Transform is hard to do without doubling staff, so I needed creative ways to look at our team and budget,” Widener continued.

In only the first three months, Moore helped guide the Dead River team to refresh their IT strategy with a stronger digital focus. They’ve successfully retired two legacy applications that had become too time consuming to manage and now have the time to support building a stronger mobile presence in the energy provider space.

The original engagement proved so valuable, Widener and his team are now building an enterprise-wide prioritization and demand management function directly tied to the company’s strategic planning process. It’s no longer sufficient for IT staff to stay ahead of the latest technology like blockchain and artificial intelligence, but his team members have to be relationship experts and become partners with the business.

His excitement about the work is infectious.

“I’ve never worked with someone who has gotten me not just to strategy so quickly, but also to execution so quickly as well. This is some of the most fun and transformative stuff I’ve done in my career, and I’m learning just how critical the right thinking, processes, and people are in achieving excellence.”

Dave Widener will offer a deeper dive into his IT organization’s ongoing transformation on Tuesday, May 22 at Dead River Company’s Corporate Headquarters in Portland, Maine. Join Designing the Future Digital State: IT Strategy and Staffing Transformation, a half-day, complimentary CIO-led regional roundtable that includes breakfast and lunch.