Ken Lynch, Founder and CEO, Reciprocity Labs
Ken Lynch

Founder and CEO, Reciprocity Labs

As Reciprocity’s founder and CEO, Ken Lynch’s role is to align the company’s strategy and execution to its vision: to organize the world of information security and enable trusted relationships. This vision developed when Ken partnered with Google to deliver software to manage the challenges of their information security risk and compliance program. Ken built Reciprocity from the ground up with a dedicated team who all embody the company’s core values: delighting customers, grit, scrappiness, collaboration and focusing on positive outcomes. Ken’s philosophy on software development also aligns with his management style: empower others and support their goals and you will achieve your own success. It is through this approach that Ken believes Reciprocity will have a tremendous positive impact in the world. In addition to running the company, Ken also started the Reciprocity Volunteer Foundation, and serves as an advisor to multiple startups. Ken holds a BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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