Mehdi Aftahi, CTO, Technology Evaluation Centers
Mehdi Aftahi

CTO, Technology Evaluation Centers

Mehdi Aftahi is one of TEC’s founding partners and the chief technology officer. His development work led to TEC Advisor, TEC’s world-class decision support system. Aftahi also holds a patent on the algorithm behind eBestmatchTM, the engine that powers TEC Advisor. With more than 20 years of experience in business software development, Aftahi is an expert in the area of matching customer business process criteria to software capabilities and has steered the creation of TEC’s best-practice software selection methodology. Aftahi has also managed dozens of selection and evaluation projects as well as several ERP implementation projects.

Aftahi manages the entire development team at TEC, developing the decision support platform, and the entire team of consultants at TEC, delivering on the software selection and evaluation projects of customers in various industries worldwide.

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