Sundeep Yalamanchi, Partner, RPAnow
Sundeep Yalamanchi

Partner, RPAnow

Sundeep Yalamanchi is a business evangelist at RPAnow. Sundeep has 15 years’ experience with the combination of Oil & Gas and Technology industry. He spent a major part of his career interacting with customers around the world. He is very familiar with global business trends and their impact on the business. This background gives Sundeep a solid understanding of business needs of customers and greater understanding of advising customers from a return on investment (ROI) standpoint. He brings extensive field level insights with global experience critical to understand the world of our customers and to be a valuable partner in their digital transformation journey.

Sundeep earned a Masters degree in Electronics and Computer Technology from Indiana State University and an MBA in Management and Finance from Tulane University.

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