Boardroom Events is proud to announce the finalists for the Spring 2018 Midmarket CIO Award of Excellence. The winner will be honored on Tuesday, April 10 at the conclusion of Midmarket CIO Forum in Savannah, GA.

This distinguished award honors an IT executive who’s successfully partnered with a leading solution provider(s) to drive business forward, celebrating those standout midmarket organizations and showcasing their stories with peer executives and IT teams.

RC Woodson brings a laser-focused, multi-tasking military background to his role as VP of IT at Doyon, Limited, one of the country’s largest private land owners in Alaska. Established in 1972, Doyon is one of the state’s top 10 regional corporations with a whopping 19,000 share holders to whom they must report. Woodson selected Information Builders to provided high level KPI style reports for employees to quickly understand and then effectively communicate how the company is performing. Morphisec is empowering the company’s security team with real-time insight including, never before available, critical attack behavior details of every advanced threat blocked. Netreo‘s OmniCenter allows a window into the entire company’s infrastructure environment and increased the speed of the IT group’s reaction time.

“We are a small department that is constantly being barraged with new, critical, projects, and it seemed that it was difficult to apply proper resources to keeping these systems running well.”


Eric Tewey at Midmarket CIO Forum presented by Boardroom EventsSeven years ago, in the wake of onerous tax policies, senior managers at Swisher International, the world’s largest cigar manufacturer, found themselves at a crossroads: transform the company or face grave consequences. Homegrown applications were slow and difficult to use, and the IT staff was buried with requests for information from sales, finance, operations, resellers, and other users. Average turn-around time for requests for reports from IT was 30 days!  To remove IT from the equation and empower users to analyze and visualize information, CIO Eric Tewey and his team partnered with Information Builders and implemented their WebFOCUS business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform.

“We figure we are saving the sales team at least 50 man hours per day, which means we essentially gained six and a quarter new sales reps. The sales team can do the work of an additional six people without hiring anybody. Requests that used to take 30 days to fill are now often fulfilled in real time, via self-service, or the same day, and the total number of requests to IT has dropped significantly. Effective use of technology has allowed us to redeploy our IT workforce.”


Xavier University of Louisiana’s Enrollment Management (EM) office has seen a steady decline in first year freshman and transfer students due to antiquated CRM software and a lack of consistent recruitment funnels for prospective students. The EM office needed a methodology to increase the student pipeline and build an effective infrastructure to ensure better communication and messaging for prospective students. In addition, there was also the need for a business analytics solution for modeling enrollment trends and tracking student cohorts. Tony Moore, Xavier’s VP of Technology Management, partnered with MicroStrategy and Slate CRM to set realistic enrollment goals; build a recruitment database and track marketing and recruitment activities.

As a result of the digitally transformed environment, the University saw an increase in new Freshman applications grow by 25% and transfer applications by 35%. New freshman enrollment increased by 15% and transfer students by 50%, an overall impact of $1.5M revenue in new tuition.