MIDMRKT Partner Spotlight | Soaring Eagle

A common challenge among sponsors of any event is closing deals. At the MIDMRKT CIO Forum, building lasting relationships and securing a solid pipeline are guaranteed, if a vendor is focused, confident and engaging. Soaring Eagle is one of the CIO Forum’s most successful sponsors, so I sat down with Sales Executive, Devon Garbus to learn [...]

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Three Ways To Set The Right Pace For Organizational Transformation

Provided By: NeuEon - Originally Published by Forbes Technology Council Connect with peers on this topic and others at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum. On April 16, 2018, Desiree “Desi” Linden became the first U.S. woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years. Marathons are obviously hard, but this was one for the books, with a [...]

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Three Paths to Enhanced Value Creation

Provided By: NeuEon Connect with peers on this topic and others at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum. As leaders steer their companies to succeed in the face of an uncertain economy, disruptive competition, and changing customer preferences, they must be laser-focused on creating value. And as we all know, “value” in this context is [...]

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MIDMRKT CIO Forum | Day Two Recap

Day Two at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum started with a series of boardroom discussions, held by several solution providers. In these intimate sessions, executives had the opportunity to sit with peers and potential solution providers to discuss new products and services. Boardroom discussions were held throughout the day, complemented by a lunch keynote presentation, [...]

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MIDMRKT CIO Forum | Day One Recap

Yesterday marked MIDMRKT Suite’s 10 year anniversary, and we celebrated by welcoming 120 IT executives and 54 solution providers to the 2019 Spring CIO Forum. As attendees were checking in, I spoke with RC Woodson, VP, IT at Doyon Limited, who explained why he attends the MIDMRKT CIO Forum. “I come to this event [...]

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Office 365 vs. Google Apps: Satisfying User Needs

During a Sunday afternoon roundtable discussion focused on Leading Innovation as a CIO, one executive leader at the Spring 2017 Midmarket CIO Forum reclaimed that buzzword tossed about by today’s technology writers in a simple reminder. “Innovation is change,” said Vicki Harper of Acument Global. “You can’t keep doing the same thing you’ve always done.” [...]

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The CIO’s Evolving Role: Technologist to Operations Expert

Move Over Motivational Speakers, There's (Yet) Another New Duty for CIOs It’s true, a CIO’s job, by any job description you’ve ever read, focuses on the management of technology. The inventory, assessment, strategic road mapping, subsequent deployment plans and ongoing maintenance/upgrades. These efforts, while important to success, are basic blocking and tackling components, and the [...]

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Boardroom Events Honors Midmarket CIO, Vendors at Spring 2017 Forum

Awards Recognize Strategy and Innovation Excellence Boardroom Events announced the winners of their Vendor Excellence Awards and Midmarket CIO Award of Excellence. Presented at the Spring 2017 Midmarket CIO Forum, these accolades recognize the best in technology collaboration in the midmarket sector. Vendor Excellence Awards celebrate providers solving business challenges with significant financial and overall [...]

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8 Tips to Reduce Mobile Costs

The number of telecom and mobility expense management providers in today's marketplace is indicative of how quickly even the most modest mobility plans can accumulate skyrocketing costs. Midmarket CIOs carefully monitoring their bottom lines while angling to stay competitive in their industry are short on time to rifle through hundreds of pages of monthly usage [...]

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CTO vs. CIO: Innovators and Operators

Image courtesy of More than 40 percent of CIOs currently report directly to the CEOs of their midmarket companies, further demonstrating the trend that IT organizations need to function as critical business partners. That certainly doesn’t mean they can bask in the cerebral glow as IT heroes, with capes flowing in the [...]

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