26 06, 2020

Lead a Digital Transformation to Advance Revenue Generation

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The IT value proposition is changing. No longer simply a tool for automating back-off and repetitive processes, CIOs have the opportunity to apply IT to optimize top-line revenue opportunities. By focusing IT strategies on sales, marketing, and customer service, CIOs will improve value contribution of the IT function and raise their individual profiles as [...]

2 10, 2019

How To Build A Bridge Across Your Transformation Chasm

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Provided By: NeuEon - Originally Published by Forbes Technology Council Connect with peers on this topic and others at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum. Today, companies are buzzing with talk of transformation. Transformation is pervasive -- some even say “operational.” KPMG’s 2017 Global CEO Outlook says that today, “Rather than seeing transformation as a discrete program, with [...]

24 09, 2019

Digital, Organizational And Agile Transformations: Intertwined

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Provided By: NeuEon - Originally Published by Forbes Technology Council Connect with peers on this topic and others at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum. It’s no surprise that CEOs and CIOs agree that today’s digital environment is driving change at a furious pace. In fact, a survey by Forbes found that 92% of executives believe that organizational [...]

11 05, 2018

Run, Go, Transform: Designing the Future Digital State

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It takes a very strong and courageous IT leader to admit you need help, and while consultants abound, finding the right person to help formulate a realistically executable plan can be a game changer for midmarket companies. Dave Widener, Dir. of IT at Dead River Company in Portland, Maine, first met Peter Moore of [...]

25 08, 2017

Empower IT to lead digital transformation

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Business innovation is no longer just for the C-suite. Enabling IT to take a lead will boost organizations into the new competitive landscape. The consumerization of IT has completely changed expectations for service delivery across the business, and nimble CIOs know the only way to help keep their companies competitive is to extend an olive [...]

22 09, 2016

Timing, Relationships Key in Digital Transformation

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Technology and marketing teams are on the hot seat to drive digital initiatives for their midmarket companies Rural farm fields might be one of the least likely places to find a digital transformation success story, but as with any business initiative, no project can be started without a clear timeline and a strategy scaled to [...]

27 07, 2016

At Spacesaver, Marketing-IT Collaboration Drives Demand Generation Strategy

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Digital transformation may have gained theoretical popularity, but many mid-market companies still struggle to fully integrate their marketing and technology teams in the real world.   Twenty-seven percent of senior executives believe that digital transformation is an essential component of the survival of their business. Executives at Spacesaver Corporation, a full-service storage solution provider, knew [...]

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