2 10, 2019

The Gap in vCISO Services You Need to Know Now

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Provided By: NeuEon Connect with peers on this topic and others at the MIDMRKT CIO Forum. Can businesses afford to not have a CISO? It’s a complex question. On one hand, managing security risk is a core function of modern-day business, on the other, there’s the hefty $221,991 average CISO salary. Cost doesn’t stop there–companies often pay a [...]

22 09, 2017

Six Trends Impacting the Decision to Outsource IT Support

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David Corey is VP of IT Services at Advanced Technology Services. As tight as IT budgets can be, it’s tempting to frame the managed services outsourcing decision in terms of dollars-and-cents alone. But many trends are convincing executives to think differently. Six in particular are worth noting: Tight labor market The ability to [...]

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