Our Story

We launched this company as Boardroom Events in 2007 with a single-minded goal: To create the very best business development and networking experiences for midmarket technology leaders. Our team pioneered the concept of hosted boardroom meetings over a decade ago, and we are dedicated to creating experiences that are productive, engaging, and valuable.

Our mission is to connect midmarket executives to their peers, partners and information, through intimate events, an exclusive online portal, and a trusted vendor network. Our executive clients and vendor partners are perfectly matched, enabling and driving strategic growth, critical decisions, and trusted partnerships.

Now, as MIDMRKT Suite, we provide a nucleus of engagement, resources, and connections for IT executives and solution providers. A significant factor in the success of MIDMRKT Suite is the high-quality, exclusive, and personal experience we provide to our executives and partners. Attendees of the MIDMRKT Forum and members of MIDMRKT Connect are vetted by our team, ensuring the value and exclusivity of the community.

At MIDMRKT Suite, we believe that success and opportunity are boundless, rooted in and cultivated through trusted partnerships. Every aspect of our platform is designed to foster meaningful and trusted relationships among peers and strategic partners of the midmarket. These connections stand the test of time, creating unparalleled value.

Meet The Team

Peter Karlson, CEO of MIDMRKT Suite
Charles Badoian, co-founder and CEO of MIDMRKT Suite
Hilary Hayes, co-founder and EVP of MIDMRKT Suite
Amy Abbott, VP of Client Success at MIDMRKT Suite
Sean Turgeon, Systems Administrator at MIDMRKT Suite
Jeff Young, CIO in Residence, MIDMRKT