Maybe you’ve just been promoted, or you joined a new organization as the top executive responsible for IT. The next 100 days is a crucial time that requires the right balance of listening with taking action. These tools were developed for those new to the CIO for their organization but are also useful beyond that as executive needs and business direction changes.

These Do-It-Yourself tools are complimentary. Companion Advisory Services are available through membership as referred by MIDMRKT Suite to InfoTech.

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The First 100 Days As CIO – Executive Brief

Organize your first 100 days as CIO into activities completed within two-week periods, aided by the guidance of an executive advisor.

Organizational Catalog & Questionnaire

This provides a proven template to give you a high-level means of assessing the organization’s cultural archetype and the accompanying typical criteria of organizations similar in cultural structure.

The First 100 Days As CIO – Presentation Deck

Communicate your plan & strategy to your manager with a presentation deck that you will complete based your the findings using the above tools.