It’s hard to believe the retrospectives on 2017 have already been compiled. Where did this year go?!

This month, we were excited to launch our new series, From The Trenches, a collection of business and technology challenges facing today’s CIOs. First up: 9 Tips for Better Vendor Management.

We’re also focusing on how CIOs must balance management of office politics, and next week, leading executives will convene to chat about how they’re building credibility with the C-suite and making the business case for IT, ultimately doing the legwork of shifting IT’s perception as a cost center.

Let’s be honest…isn’t that a pretty antiquated perception to still be managing, particularly with CompTIA’s recent survey showing a decent increase in job satisfaction among IT professionals in the last couple of years?

There is very little that, as a modern society, we CANNOT do WITHOUT technology these days. But, as an EMT-Medic in a past life with a current penchant for all things tactical and the survivalist lifestyle – Zombies are REAL, people! – that’s another discussion for another day.

Spots are filling quickly for the Spring 2018 Midmarket CIO Forum next April in Savannah. We’d be honored (and you’d be wise) to include this business-building experience as part of your marketing strategy.